Various – I Bastardi Aiaccini (è Bastiacci, è Siciliani)

Label: Digital Finesse
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2024

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Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica and its inhabitants are surrounded by the abundance and cultural diversity of the region. In celebrating this richness, we have curated a collection that embraces the eclectic musical styles and creative spirit that characterize this historic geographic area. With 6 producers hailing from Aiacciu, Bastia, and Sicilia, prepare yourself for a journey full of surprises. Discover the spacey and epic electro beats from Jimmy Batt’s secret mind, then delve into the medieval chiptune-infused vibes of Human_Aventura, before being carried away by the romantic dark disco of Pasqua. Explore the B-side of the EP and be enchanted by the schizophrenic and haunting house of Blinkduus Dischetto, Monica Venturella’s acidic electro with special triple-blade effect, before finally getting lost in the powerful and sensory anarchy of Ørsø. The choice is yours: unleash the Mediterranean power on the dancefloor or immerse yourself in our underground culture with ease at home. Oh yeah, as Aiaccini, we put our name big in the title. That’s why we’re Bastardi.
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