The Force – The Rise Of Poseidon II

Label: Calypso
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 RPM
Release: 2024
Genre: , ,

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The Force [Nacho Marty Meyer & telzen] makes its first appearance on 12” along with calypso’s dream. This legendary Italian disco duo from Argentine Patagonia has collected a vast amount of clues that are totally mysterious and lost on the seabed. In this second part we find: A1 “Galactic Alliance” classic ITALODISCO bomb of the time, originally released in 2010 on CD by “System nova records”. the A2 cut “Haroid, a fully demo track, which was finalized for the ep, very special for jumping into the water! The other side, we find B1 “Pit Box Mens” blessed by Federico Moura, The Force finds “la forza del mare” in this mythical track with direct influences from “Virus”. A timeless track without a doubt! In B2, a re – interpretation by the label, especially for a plot twist during peak hours at night. Solid, epic, aquatic, that’s how we define this second release of our new saga.
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